You are currently viewing slim hole casing Φ95mm*6.5mm

slim hole casing Φ95mm*6.5mm

1.Technical parameters:

Casing basic dimensions: Tube diameter: 95.25mm Wall thickness: 6.5mm Length: 9-11m Coupling OD: 108-110mm Connection thread: 3 1/2 special external upset tubing thread Yield compressive strength of body : 160Mpa Threaded antiskid load: more than 950KN (The above data from Mechanical Engineering Laboratory test, the China University of Petroleum)

2. Usable range:

1.Slim hole sidetrack drilling and well completion; 
2.Replace the general 3 1/ 2 “and 4″tube as liner pipe to restore casing etc; 
3.No less than 4,500m in downhole depth; 
4.All kinds of oil /gas wells with pressure no more than 90Mpa.

3. Advantages:

1.Inner drift diameter meets tubing, packer and other downhole tools with 3 3/8 ” diameter; 
2.Inner drift diameter meets perforator gun with 68, 73, 102 and enhanced-perforator and so on, and resolves restriction of perforator gun caused by 3 1 / 2 sidetracking drilling and completion;
3.Allowed existing Reservoir Saturation Tool (RPM) such as Pulsed Neutron Decay (PND) through slim hole casing; 4.Allow the selection of 76cm packer to ensure 3 3/8 “pipe slicing or inject water; 
5.Allowed to adopt 76cm bridge plug to achieve upwelling production; 
6.Allowed to design 44cm, 38cm tubing pump and continued sucker rod to produce in deep wells; 
7.Degrade the cementing difficulty, improve cementing quality and decrease procedure of sidetracking and reaming relative 4 ” tubing.

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