Our Leadship

Behind every successful company is a team of exceptional leaders, and PETROSERVICES.NET is not excluded. The individuals behind our company’s success are:

1) Mr. Kenny Wei: he is the CEO and Founder of PETROSERVICES.NET. With over 5 years of experience in Petroleum Services Engineering in the Oil & Gas industry and more than 3 years experience in operations and managing among many other skills, Mr. Wei has acquired sufficient knowledge to lead this great team to success.

2) Nichel M.Petercomb: he is the President of PETROSERVICES.NET and is responsible for the strategic leadership of the company. This involves establishing long-term goals, practical strategies, policies, evaluation of the company’s fiscal function, and performance.

3) Ms. Ruby Asong: she is a Team Leader at PETROSERVICES.NET, who is responsible for providing direction and instructions to staff. She is dedicated to guiding and motivating team members to achieve a specific goal.

4) Ms. Doris Wong: is a Project Manager at PETROSERVICES.NET. He has acquired over 11 years of executive leadership experience and is tasked with the overall responsibility of successful initiation, planning, and execution of projects.